Plantage in South Africa
Ron is going to South Africa to tell a thing or two about new media journalism. But he is also going as the internet journalist of cultural tv-program 'De Plantage'. And of course his alter-ego pindsvin is travelling along as well...

War diary
An attempt to start a two way diary about two people living their lives in a continent during a war. One in the Netherlands, the other in Servia. Two people telling eachother what keeps them going or brings them down...

Urban life
Five young people living in five different countries tell about their lives, reflecting on our time by putting up a mirror.


Growing books are written by a minimum of two people and read by the readers during the writing. Potential readers of a growing book can't buy it. They'll have to subscribe themselves to a book.

In return they automatically recieve every new chapter of the book by email. It is also possible to react on a writers chapter. Not by shouting and asking questions one of the writers will immediately answer (and thus making it a normal mailing list), but more like the witness in courtroom or the person in the street that has followed the news and is now asked to give his or her opinion about the latest affair.

Readers have power, but are readers in the first place. In that sense they should also behave. Read and enjoy, but stay awake for writers who are telling contradictional stories.