Three missions three personalities. Ron is off to Grahamstown, South Africa. At first to throw himself into the big adventure of being a guest teacher at Rhodes University and tell a thing or two about new media journalism.

Then there's his job as the internet editor and journalist for the cultural tv-talkshow 'De Plantage'. They've send him on a mission as well; bring us some cultural stuff from the South and make us shiver and say ooooh!"

And of course there's something that is just not possible to ignore; Ron's alterego 'pindsvin' will handle of the role of the annoying tourist wanting to taste the cultural life of South African, like a billion other weirdo's who think they can grab a cultural shock as if it was a snack.

In this diary you can read all about his adventures and you might even be able to become part of the story from some far away country behind your computer.

South African story

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