Plantage weekly diary with pictures & stuff (starting the first week in august)

Day 1; 29-7-1999

So this is where it starts; at the very boring place where iron tubes pretend to be birds - the airport. Maybe it's not that bad when you arrive, check in and hop on a plane. But a break of eight hours is a lot, even for lazy me. And after having seen all the not so tax-free shops for six times, what is there left for a former wannabe musician lately turned into a full-time computer new media nerd? Exactly: buy an adaptor so he can plug in his computer onto the Brittish energy circuit for three hours. I can imagine I would go totally mad if I'd see a guy like me pulling a trick like that. But there's no mirror around (and neither a security guy asking me what the fuck I'm doing), and as we all know the public is the king to serve. So all you vague, good, better and best friends, remember I'm acting totally wacko just for you!