2. Unknown (in Amsterdam)

He'd stalled the joint for the third time now and tried to light the last straw again with a match. The first half of it had been welcomed by his brains already. The song he made up earlier that day and tried to play again on his almost tuned guitar, wasn't really recognisable as such. But as stated before, the THC was working quite well, which might explain why he thought he was producing a heavenly sound with a super dynamic volume eruption.

That modulation, first that thick heavy D, resonating with the second voice and taken over by that sliding high D by the bass...

How had he gotten this amazing ability to create such beautifull things? He didn't know. It certainly didn't come from his family. And god wasn't an opportunity either, him being an atheist. But it still amazed him. He just pittied the fact that it didn't came that often, that no one knew about his potential. Like those poems he'd written some time ago, decently numbered and then put in a map in the wrong order. He imagined his girlfriend, his parents, his brothers finding it. 'Would they understand his deepest thoughts?,' he wondered. And what would his good friend and writer Lenard think of it?

This has to be the birth of something new. Isn't this exactly what happened with all other big art personalities in time? Tons of stories, poems, paintings, aria's, discovered after the maker died, appreciated for its beauty only after the creator disappeared.

And would 'they', the people in that so called art-discussion program, talk about it as if they'd made it themselves? Snobs, losers! Not capable of making art, so in stead claming to practice an art form called critisicm. Taring down people who didn't do it the way they would have done it, if they weren't the losers they try to cover up with this pose. If you see such bad television, you start to wonder who's worse: some snobby intelectual wanna be or Jerry Springer with his extreme 'free speech' arrow: "we just talked with the victim, now let's bring up the raper himself.." You can say what you want about him what you want, but at least he's touching people. Tears just work better then words...

Laat een traan
Let a tear
uit mijn haven
out my harbor
Aan boord
On board
geen vragen die vragen
no questions questioning
om een antwoord
the silence
geen voedsel
no food
voor mensen
for people
die vragen
Slechts een traan
Just a tear
op zoek
naar een stuurman
for a captain


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