Relaxed in the Caribbean

Don't know why I do it. Is there some dept I have to pay? Should I suffer for something or someone? Have I done something wrong and can I only make things right this way? I'm sure a lot of people who think they know me, won't believe this but I'm a realy hard worker. Not when I'm only accountable to myself. But when there's someone to boss me around I will do everything and more. `Could you do this?" `No problem!" `Could you give me a hand with that?" `Sure." There's no limit to what I can do. Or think I can do. Because every once in a while, my body protests and starts to hurt. And about once every month there's a little voice in my head that says: `What the f*** are you doing?"

`WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING", I yell at my boss. `Do you think I'm mad? Do you think you can boss me around? Are you out of you're mind?" Well, I don't actualy say this, but I would like to say it.


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