Seems every generation has its own war. But every generation also has another way of dealing with it. In 'a War diary' two people in different cities tell eachother how they cope with "the conflict in Kosovo". Misplaced grief, unforseen happiness, forgetting and overreacting, it all comes with this story. A story that is not based on real facts, but is as a matter of fact, not factual, but human.

'a War diary' takes a look at what we know, what we feel, what we should do and how we actually live our lives despite all of this.

This diary was the second attempt to work out the format of a growing book. Like the first one it seemed to end before it has started, but with the unforseen shift in former Yugoslavia has taken a new turn and like the people of former Yugoslavia, is alive again. Although the conversation between Nemanja and Ron is not a massive one, it is again possible to subscribe to this conversation.

A War dairy

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  • 27-3-1999/..-..

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  • Novi Sad - Nemanja Jovanov
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