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Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: oh no, engagement and music!

By on okt 14, 2015 in activism, general, globalize cologne | 0 comments

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It may sound contradictory, but I always get suspicious when (rock) music and the fight for a better world are being combined. Don’t get me wrong, I believe we need more activists in every section of society. And I love musicians who are engaged. The thing is, the engagement in their songs is just one part of the story. The power of engaged artists for an important part lays in their presence beyond the stage, in their ‘performance’ as public figures channeling the opinion of a movement, a generation, some kind of ‘group’. In that, they truly contribute to make a difference, to possible change.

But seeing a band most of us don’t know? I don’t know (feel the double meaning of that one ;-) Sashko Brama is combining Shakespeare with a rock concert to get our minds focussed on the unrest in Ukraine. And then what? Will it activate our brains? Will we leave the venue, rethinking certain issues? Or are we going to have a great night shouting along with songs while drinking beer with the Ukrainian community in Cologne? And what happens after that? My statement would be that if afterwards I say it was a great show, the performance has failed. So either way, it’s going to be a win ;-)

>>> More about R + J by Sashko Brama at #GC2015

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