Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: oh no, engagement and music!

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It may sound contradictory, but I always get suspicious when (rock) music and the fight for a better world are being combined. Don’t get me wrong, I believe we need more activists in every section of society. And I love musicians who are engaged. The thing is, the engagement in their songs is just one part of the story. The power of engaged artists for an important part lays in their presence beyond the stage, in their ‘performance’ as public figures channeling the opinion of a movement, a generation, some kind of ‘group’. In that, they truly contribute to make a difference, to possible change. But seeing a band most of us don’t know? I don’t know (feel the double meaning of that one ;-) Sashko Brama is combining Shakespeare with a rock concert to get our minds focussed on the unrest in Ukraine. And then what? Will it activate our brains? Will we leave the venue, rethinking...

Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: MatchAtria

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As promised, I’d start to walk you through ‪#‎gc2015‬ program from now on. Today it’s dancing time with MatchAtria. I remember the very first dance performance I ever saw in a theatre in 1995. Although quite late in terms of age, it was love at first sight. One of the things that struck me most besides the beauty of seeing a body doing an unimaginable form of communication through movement, was the heavy breathing of the dancers during the more quiet parts, catching their breath for the next explosive movement. That physical interaction as part of the performance, was so intense that I put dance on number two of my favorite art expressions (after music). So you can imagine that I’m quite excited that on #gc2015 I get to hold and feel the dancers heart during the show! >>> More about MatchAtria at...

Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: ampelmann

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I’m so getting ready for ‪#‎gc2015‬ and I hope you’re doing the same. But before I’m walking you through the whole program in the coming 10 days or so, I want to share a little thought with you about Globalizes byline ‘it’s up to you’. The scientists I’m working with at the moment in Barcelona, last night pointed out to me that this picture might show a traffic light to you, but for them it’s just ‘a recommendation system’. “It’s up to you what you do with the information.” That where the exact words of one of them! A coincidence? Ich don’t think so. It’s a warning: if it is up to us, it’s going to be a mess!!! Should I walk? Kick a bike? Run over a pedestrian with my bike??? May I remind you, being from Amsterdam, these are three valid options. So maybe my friends at Freihandelszone (they...

Now it’s time to sue Congress

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Did you see Obama’s speech after the Oregon shooting? And did you hear what he asked journalists to do? What a clever move. Exactly the right advocacy at the right moment. The outcome was obvious: the amount of gun deaths in the US compared to terrorism deaths draws a very convincing graphic. A graphic that was all on every frontpage and on every news program in the US and beyond soon after Obama’s plea. Hell, even UN chief Ban Ki-moon stepped in to the put pressure: do something about this! We have yet to see where this goes. Will it really break the defense of G.O.P members of Congress and the N.R.A? I’m not convinced yet. But what it does prove to me, is that a journalist revealing something is not enough. Cause this image that you see everywhere now, is not new. Just do a search on “gun deaths vs terrorism deaths” on Google and set the date limited up till 2014. If you’re in for...

Yes, journalists should be activists

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A question that has been haunting me for quite some time now, is popping up more and more on other places than just my mind lately. Now, of course I know you can always find the opinion you’re looking for on the internet. But really, it’s not just some radical dark corner of the web talking about a more activist approach of journalism. It used to not done for a long time, but maybe that opinion is ready to be updated with new insights. Dan Gillmor at least thinks so…    

Communicating art

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The world agrees that these kids are sitting in front of one of the best known paintings in the world. And they couldn’t care less. The end of art? Hell no. Just a reality check: you can’t make kids like something by just showing it to them. The easy way to deal with this is concluding that these kids are dumbed and numbed by their digital lives. They know nothing about this painting and its importance. But how could they have known? And while we’re at it, do you? Or did you just go to this page to ‘refresh’ your memory? And if they did know more about Rembrandt and his ‘Nachtwacht’, would it change the reality of importance in their lives? The reality is that these kids are there, left on their own with this great painting and with no way to interact with it in a way that would make sense to them. My guess is that even if there would have been something that actually appeals to...

Getting drinks during a concerto?

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Not so long ago I heard some representative from the RCO friends under 30 (Entrée) state on the radio that he could imagine a concerto in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam where visitors would get out of their seats during the concert to get a drink. I can’t remember how he said it precisely. I’m sure he could disagree with the way I’ve quoted it. But that really doesn’t matter. It puts up an interesting question. In looking for change, looking to be more attractive to a younger audience, would this help? Sure, you can probably get some written documents that state that this actually used to be common at some time in history: people standing up, or generally being noisy during classical concerts. At a period in time classical music could be labeled as pop(ular) music. But that really doesn’t matter either. It only shows that it has been done before. But does that make it more accessible? For...

Why look at a bunch of penguins?

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A painful but very important question we should ask ourselves when working with registrations of classical concertos is if it is interesting to watch at all. After all, it’s a bunch penguins with hardly detectable movements during a performance. What does the image of the musicians add to the experience? For me personally the answer is: not so much. And I know I’m not the only one. Regularly I see people around me in The Concertgebouw, listening with their eyes shut. Apparently what happens on stage is not so important? On the other hand: Youtube has proved to us that a lot of people look at things we would all seem silly or absurd to watch. People are going to these concerts and enjoying them. Sure, it’s the old folks and they’re not getting younger. But still. At the very least you could say there used to be a market for it. And I understand that too. Being part of it, even if what...

Zum Lustigen Schuster

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What a great night we had in Bremen, Izhar, Reinhold and me. It started off with a good dinner organised by the great guys from SceneNet and ended in a must visit bar called Zum Lustigen Schuster…WEll, maybe not. I guess you should’ve been there yesterday ;-) Guys, here’s some of the songs we’ve talked about, especially for you Reinhold, since you want to stay anonymous for the big Spotify server ;-P

Webshopdreaming: over rage, meme, dromen, een punt zetten en wijzer geworden weer verder gaan

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We zijn in juli. Ik kan het nu wel zeggen: die geplande zomerhit bij onze webshopdancing tune komt er niet. Het is niet gelukt. Maar daarmee was het geen slecht idee, geen naïeve droom, geen verloren tijd. Het was een leuke meme: ga naar een webshop, zoek een leuk model uit en laat hem of haar dansen met de mouse overs van de foto’s. Gepost als grapje op een avond, snel opgepakt door kleine kring bekenden. Toen ging het hard. In een nacht hadden we een logo, een dag later een T-shirt. Op de 3FM Awards kwamen we in beeld. Ondertussen stortte de pers zich erop. Gespot door Coolhunter. We schakelden snel en we reageerden snel. Maar het was niet snel genoeg. Juist bij zoiets eendimensionaals als webshopdancing telt die eerste week dat je momentum hebt. Daarin moet het gebeuren. En wat “het” is, moet je ook in die week uitzoeken. Wij hebben de verkeerde keuze gemaakt. We...