Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: Dimchev did it again

By on okt 21, 2015 in general, globalize cologne | 0 comments

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What a wonderful kickoff of #GC2015 that was. It all started even before the festival was officially opened. A little bit confusing, but I think that is actually good thing. Also a good thing was the opening speech, this time done by a puppet, doing a historic speech.

But lets not get off track. In the end it was what it was, an opening speech. The real thing was yet to come. As you might have read, I saw Ivo Dimchev in the tough and rough city of Rotterdam. And looking back on it now, it was much better in Cologne. , mainly because the tension seemed to be bigger this time. In Rotterdam it almost was too easy a question, something that was just fun to do. In Cologne, the conflict, the tension, it was really part of the show.

It may not be a secret that I loved it. Dimchev did it. Again. He pushed the audience of Cologne to think about the taboos and borders of performing art with a lot of humor. But maybe it’s more interesting to hear the audience judge the show. Here’s a very positive and a very negative review of the show, perfectly setting up the different camps of the discussion:

The performance itself boiled down to a very literal climax: two people pretending to have sex on stage. You might wonder, is that shocking for anyone going to modern theatre? Not really. Now imagine it is two people from the crowd doing this. Tt becomes more interesting: such a participating audience! Don’t we all love this? And now imagine that Dimchev paid the two people 500 euro, right after their ‘naked’ performance. Now you have the whole confusing picture.

Afterwards the audience joined the #GC2015 crew and Ivo Dimchev at the festival office to have the lovely GC-traditional soup ’tischgespräch’ talk. Dimchev told us about the few times it didn’t go like planned, as well as the reasons why he added some scenes after the first premiere. He feels it is now quite finished, but if there was something to add, it would be his own dissapearance from the scene. A perfect end comment to the #GC2015 opening night. And it wasn’t even set up!