Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: at last we get to pull the strings

By on okt 25, 2015 in globalize cologne | 0 comments

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#GC2015 was all about our role in theatre, but we had to wait till the last day of the festival before we really got to pull the strings with Kate McIntosh’s ALL EARS. Too bad it didn’t make any sense to most of us.

What can I say? There’s always a performance that just doesn’t get to you. This was the one. McIntosh started with a lot of questions, some of them funny, but compared to the amount of questions asked, it was a sparse collection of laughs. And after that we got to take the place apart. Pulling things connected to the wires, making chairs fall, pans crash and create a whole lot of noise. Noise that was supposedly recorded, because a little later we got to hear it again, with an added post production to dramatize the sounds. Funny at moments, but all in all it seemed more of a theatre ‘exercise’ than a play that plays the minds and hearts of the spectators.