Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: hard work to follow the right ETIQUETTE

I have to say I was a bit afraid for this performance. I met my current wife while participating in fake speeddate performance on a festival. I was married to someone else at the time. So without sharing all the details lets just assume I know first hand that one simple performance can change your life. But my fear was misplaced. When you really follow ‘ETIQUETTE’, you’re way too busy performing.

With ETIQUETTE, two people take the role of performer, following a script that unfolds by someone talking to you through headphones (you might have seen the video footage in my earlier post). It builds up nicely, first introducing you to the format, giving you time to adapt, then pulling you in through the story itself. Watch out! If you are to fall in love, it’s at this moment!

But if you keep up with the script, it becomes quite difficult to get lost in the story. For me at least it was impossible to let my head get clouded and at the same time actually perform my part of the play. And because I felt an obligation to the crowd (my wife and counter player), I had to let go of my feelings. The show must go on, right?


So I adjusted my talking speed a bit to the man talking in my ear. I quickly learned to not start too early and not too late so I could hear and remember what my prompter was telling me. And the woman in front me? Well, what can you do? Enjoy the view, trust her to follow the etiquette as seriously as you do and hope for a standing ovation at the end of course, if only from your table partner.