Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: nevermind the state

By on okt 25, 2015 in globalize cologne | 0 comments

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What happens when a performance is really up to the audience? Alexander Manuiloff has created a play that lets you experience just that. You’re not totally left in the dark though: there’s one light and a table with something on it…

At the end we could all take a piece of the script home. And Manuiloff was there to ask us not to share more then three lines of it online, since the piece is going to be shown in other European cities. A request I’m sure all the attendants are going to obey. I’m going to give you nothing more than was already revealed: the story unravels around the self-burning of a Bulgarian in 2013. It is the main story line, but at the same time it is really just a line, so people have something to digest, to hold on to.

Participation is so often such a forced joke. Like when you’re online and bump into some ‘interactive’ platform, which mostly means you have to click something to get anywhere. It’s that taste I get when I hear the word participation in theatre. But Manuiloff managed to not only make us participate, but also do something we all wanted to talk about afterwards. He made it the most natural thing that could ever happen. For everyone in the room. For the ones always jumping up first and taking the lead, for the ones getting annoyed by such behavior, the silent ones. Everyone got the role that fit them. And it didn’t take any instruction. That’s what makes this piece so ingenious: it just happens, and only after it is finished you realize you did exactly what you were supposed to do. Even the ones that really tried to do the opposite. And all it took was a light, a table, and something on it.