Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: no date for me

By on okt 22, 2015 in general, globalize cologne | 0 comments

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So there I was: eye to eye with a real ‘lügendetektor’. But that was not everything the installation DATE ME offered. There were visuals that I didn’t really register consciously. And there was noise. A lot of noise. I liked the noise, but I didn’t like the end result: not an artist, but a liar…


Looking back at it, I think it went wrong with the question about stoeckelschuhe. I said yes, but felt uncomfortable, because I had no clue what the word means. Turns out I confessed that I wear high heals… Maybe the machine knew I was lying without me even knowing it! Either way, there was no date for the lying fake artist in me yesterday :-)

All in all, DATE ME is what you want from an installation: a short shot of adrenaline, a laugh, a serious thought. And then you’re ready for the next one. That’s the only problem with these kind of performances: you’d like to have at least five different ones in a row.