Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: senses totally controlled by MatchAtria

By on okt 22, 2015 in general, globalize cologne | 0 comments

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It’s always a risk when you’re really looking forward to see something. The reality often doesn’t match the image you’ve made in your head. I deliberately took that risk with MatchAtria, after seeing their trailer of the show (which you can see here). And it didn’t match.

Don’t get me wrong. Yui Kawaguchi is an amazing dancer and I was intrigued by the way she was interacting with the 3D graphics. I was also fooled and tickled by the mind blowing surround sound production, which was just perfectly timed. I looked behind me several times, thinking someone was right behind me. At the tech company I work, we would call it pixel perfect.

But despite the beating placebo heart I was holding in my hands, supposedly connected to the heart of dancer, I just wasn’t touched. I suppose the image I created in my head, was one where I could actually ‘feel’ every one of her heartbeats. But it was used just a couple of times, and always very subtile, stylistic. For me, this made it a little gimmick. In a strange way the headphones and the rubber heart created the opposite of what dance is for my: something very physical became a controlled parameter. And in that way it remained very distant. Almost as if the way the production took total control of my senses left no room for personal interpretation, for connecting on personal level.