Snapshots at G:C – a dutch perspective: unkown ground is more interesting

After that last preview I’m a bit reluctant to go on. As a matter of fact I will stop pointing you to spoilers of the performance you’re going to see at #GC2015. I’m going to leave it up to yourself and to the moment. But I do have the one thing you really need for next week (if you can’t wait, it’s at the bottom of the page…)

It is as with reviewing bands. When I worked for Dutch music platform 3VOOR12, we roughly had two types of live reviews: The first type was about bands we never saw before. The second was about artists we knew so well that the review was a kind of ‘check up’: are they doing an interesting interpretation of the new record? Are they still good live? I never liked the second one. The only surprise that could happen was that the show wasn’t as good as expected. Whereas with the new bands it was more like a travel report of a journey to unknown ground.

You may call me romantic, but I like to think that with #GC2015 it should be very much like that: a journey to unknown ground. Now, I don’t know how much you’re into the world of theatre, but even if you’re one of those hardcore performing arts lovers, chances are you’ve never seen anyone of #GC2015’s performing artists. So my advise would be to stay as uninformed as you are. The only thing you need to do, is to pick out your route through the program. And to help you with that, here’s a little calendar you can import on your agenda on your smartphone. See you in two days!